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5 Importance Of Kissing In A Relationship

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According to,Kissing is an expression of passion, adoring, intimacy and desire as the relationship between two people (male+female) goes on. Infact experts say if your relationship has begun to crumble or affection and compassion has begun missing, kissing can work wonders.

We can tell you, women are not happy if kissing is missing in her relationship with her partner.

A kiss is the most effective ways to communicate your feelings without having to say anything in words. If you are in a relationship, then you will be able to relate to this fact very easily. According to a relationship expert, a passionate romance begins with a kiss and this is what keeps the relationship smooth and over brimming with affection and love. Over 80% of women across the globe have this feeling.

A kiss seem to build a very strong relationship physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically too.

To summarize it; Kissing is “the secret to a happy Relationship” In medical terms, kissing when done passionately, releases important chemicals like oxytocin from our brain. This is an essential chemical that works towards making the couple feel bonded

5 importance of kissing

1. Boosts bonding
2. Increases happiness
3. Lowers stress
4. Spurs arousal and enhances sex
5. Burns calories


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