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5 Important Things To Note When Registering For Post UTME 2018

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Alot of students make mistakes whenever they are registering for post UTME online. This post will shed more light on the mistakes and corrections to them. Read Also: Checkout Video Of A Prophet Declaring Who Becomes The Next Ekiti Governor

1. Your Name Must Be Spelt Correctly

This is the number one and most common mistake made by aspirants when registering for post UTME. Spelling your name wrongly might be a very big problem on the day of your exam. Post UTME is not like JAMB where you can correct your mistake after you have successfully registered. So you have to be very careful when registering online.

2. Use the same name you used in your birth cert. , WAEC , JAMB –

I have seen occasions where an aspirant use , for example, “Olaniyi Adeola Gloria” in the WAEC registration and later use , for example, ” Olaniyi Adeola Bukola” in the JAMB registration .

This will be a very big problem to you either during your post UTME registration or during registration after being admitted. Also, you should arrange the name in the same way it was arranged in your birth cert. and other vital documents.

3. Input Your Correct O’level Result –

This shouldn’t be a new thing to aspirants , although it might be intentional or a mistake, either both sides, it is a big offence. Alot of UNILORIN newly admitted students who were caught in the act were sent home after being admitted. I know you don’t want to be in that same situation, then do the right thing.

4. Online payment during registration of post UTME-

This is sometimes, a big problem to the aspirants who are registering for the post UTME online because you will be asked to pay some fee for the registration. I will advise you to do this in a cybercafe where you know is safe, don’t take the risk of paying online with your smartphone.

I have received complains from aspirants in the past about not receiving RRR pin after the money have been deducted from your bank account, allowing to pay twice. I know you don’t want that, do you?

and the most important part;

5. Read the instructions before registering online-

I will advise you to read the guidelines before registering so as to avoid any form of mistakes that can cost you your chance of being admitted this year. Be careful.

In conclusion, never allow anyone to register for you in your absence, make sure you are there to access any error before the registration is being submitted.




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