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5 Things That Excites Men Most About Women

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You will be surprise as a woman what excites your man most in the bedroom ,see list belowRead Also: From Beign Mistress To Housewife -Woman Tells Story On How It All Happened(Read)


1. Clothes

According to the results of numerous studies, sexologists have concluded that the most exciting picture for a man is a woman standing in unbuttoned jeans.

And if she has also open the top – it’s all gorgeous. No less excites a man and a woman in a man’s t-shirt or shirt.

2. Underwear

A certain percentage of men makes love with a partner, without removing her panties, but only slightly pushing them aside.

Male sex loves to admire the underwear of their favorite ladies — lace, openwork, transparent.

In color men are more conservative and prefer three colors – black, white and red. But the clothes of gray, pink and lilac flowers are asked not to buy.

3. Sighs

A muffled voice and moans will drive almost any man crazy. But loud cries can excite only 6% of lovers.

4. Indecent words

Obscenity in bed is not a joke give birth to men. So choose a couple of sex words – he likes it.

5. Smell

Natural female smell attracts most men, but from the persistent heavy perfume is better to give up.

In addition to the natural smell of men gets the aroma of sage, sanadal, ylang-ylang, orange, needles and vanilla.

By the way, pay attention to the tips if you are going to have sex in the Elevator.


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