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5 Things That Tell A Lot About A Person’s Psychology And Personality

Meeting someone for the first time ? Or known them for a while ? This little things would simply make you identify their psychology and personality.Read Also: 4 Ways To Know Your Partner Might Be Cheating Based on Body Language

  1. General disposition: You can tell a lot about a person just in the way they carry themselves. From my experience, things like swagger in a person’s walk usually indicates haughtiness. True confidence is quiet. They move fluidly, deliberately and with purpose.
  2. Communication: Turn taking in a conversation is a sign of active listening and responding. They care about your feelings and opinions. Alternatively someone who delivers a “monologue” may be self absorbed. Do they use specific language or a tone of voice that feels like disrepect?
  3. Eyes: Rolling of eyes equals disrespect. Someone with a “sparkle” in their eye is either curious or mischievous.
  4. Leadership: Who leads the way in the relationship? Are you always picking the venue, addressing the hostess or ordering first at the restaurant? There is probably an unspoken imbalance in the relationship. You are probably leading and it is typically subconscious.
  5. Consistency: Do they have the same demeanor standing in front of you as when they turn their back? Consistent good or bad treatment is an accurate indicator of what they really think of you. Red flag if you see discrepancies. Do they treat everyone respectfully or do you notice a behavioral “hierarchy”? Status is important to people with narcissistic tendencies.
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