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6 Best Ways To Stay Good-Looking(Take Note Of No 5)

6 Points which will help you in looking good and will make you go from Zero to Hero according to Arjun Goswami

  1. Be Smart – Perhaps the most crucial point. I have seen so many people who look good but once they open their mouth their attractiveness fades away instantly.
  • Reading help us build a better vocabulary
  • Reading improves your memory
  • Reading improves our language skills
  • Reading gives us new knowledge

These factors combined makes you a real Alpha and you will feel good and confident. What you feel, you radiate.

2. Learn about fashion and style

Fashion is a trend while style is something you have. Not all fashion will suit you but if you have a sense of style, you can always look good.

For example – I cant pull off undercut hairstyle as I have a typical oval face and so I usually get a quiff for haircut which suits me. Even though undercut has been a very popular hairstyle for quite a few years now but I never got it done.

Identifying your style is important and then using the latest fashion for improvising it is the cherry on top.

3. Workout

When I was a fat kid I used to buy expensive clothes and still couldn’t manage to look great as most clothes would not fit me well. Now, that I have lost weight I wear anything I want and it fits me well. Working out gives your body a very good and aesthetic shape which can elevate your style quotient to the next level.

T-shirt Rs 2.5k and shorts was around Rs 5k and still couldn’t look good

This t-shirt is under Rs 2k as I got it on sale and denims are of Rs 2k only.

4. Mental wellbeing

I have been through a depression phase and I have recovered from it. Mental disorders can really degrade your looks and so i feel it is equally important to have a good mental health.

Read my story on depression and you will know what depression can do to you.

5. Fix your teeth and smile

Everyone who gets rich gives a lot of importance to their teeth and there is a reason for that. Whenever someone talks to you they always look at your teeth and a bad dental hygiene can immediately make them disinterested in you whereas a good dental hygiene can make you look more attractive.

6. Accessories

Most people often neglect this point. Watch, chains, sunglasses, ring etc can really up your style game but make sure you don’t overdo it.

Ring, beads, chains, sunglasses, watch and lastly smile on a plain black t-shirt and grey denims.

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