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6 Things I learnt Too Late In Life

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William Peynsaert, a Therapist and Author of shared on social media few things he had learnt late in life,if your life is going towards this direction you can make a mend.Read Also: 5 Things That Do Not Matter In Life

  • That if you walk up to a woman, calmly introduce yourself with a smile, ask her name and offer to go and drink coffee or eat chocolate cake there’s a good chance she will say yes
  • That making money is about how much value you create in other people’s lives (unless you’re in politics, the military or robbing the public through the stock exchange)
  • That you don’t need a title to be a leader
  • That a woman’s sexual satisfaction is about so much more than getting her to have an orgasm
  • That the real standard to know if someone is a friend, is to know if that friend will show up at your door at 3 am in the night if you’re having a bad emergency that requires his help
  • That people don’t remember what you say but how you make them feel
  • That women will forgive you for sleeping with other women, but not for lying about it
  • That the only way to be truly happy is to serve a cause that is bigger than yourself and that makes the world a better place

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