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7 Amazing Things You Can Do With Your Smartphones Aside Calls

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In a recent article,Punch news had reported that, majority of Nigerians has and uses smartphones daily, but not many of them actually maximise its functions.

Aside from voice calls, social networking, telling the time, listening to music and maybe using the device as a flashlight, there are so many other creative ways the smartphone can be used beyond their standard features to make life easier. Here are Seven things you do not know you can do with your smartphones.

1. Tune a guitar

Yes! You can actually use your smartphone to tune your guitar and as such, you do not need to struggle with an out-of-tune guitar ever again. All you need to do is download and install the ‘Strings Free’ app, launch ‘gStrings’, then press the ‘Menu’ key and select ‘Settings’. Next, select the ‘OptimiseFor’ drop-down list; select ‘Guitar’ then go back to the main tuning screen. Finally, press the ‘Tune Auto’ button to have the tuner automatically identify the notes. If your phone’s mic is having problems picking up sound from the guitar, go back to ‘Settings’ and set the microphone sensitivity. This function is usually possible with mostly android smartphones though.

2 . Control a TV

This may sound incredible, especially if your phone and your TV are not the same brand, but in reality, it can be done. Almost every smartphone is released with an infrared port that allows you to ditch your standard TV remote and instead use your device to control your TV. You however need to download an app from Google Play (if your smartphone is also Android), which will help you set it all up. Once it is set up, you are able to carry out all the normal tasks you’d expect from a TV remote, but by using your smartphone. You can try download ‘Peel Smart Remote’ on Android and iOS.

3. Scan documents

As long as you have a smartphone, you no longer need to go to a cybercafé or use a scanner to scan documents, photographs, receipts, business cards or anything on paper that you want to make digital. The smartphone’s camera is already a portable – a pocket document scanner that you need. For those who use Android smartphones, the Google Drive app has a built-in scanning feature while Evernote Scannable is available for iPhone and iPad users. Using the camera lens, scan and then share your scans via email or text, or export them as PDF and JPG files. Most smartphones even give you the option of automatically rotating, cropping, and adjusting images so your scans are easy to read.

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