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7 Best Stock Photos Websites For Instagram

For a lot of people ,creating their own content can be a real struggle. Inside this blog post, I’m going to look at some places you can curate Instagram content from.

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The majority of our client curated Instagram content comes from stock photo websites these days. They’re usually quite high resolution and you can avoid any nasty copyright or licensing issues, which can arise if you use photos from other sources without permission. There are also some really good free stock photo websites (like Unplash and Pexels) and some amazing paid ones, like Styled Stock Society.

The downside to using free stock photos for Instagram content is that they have often been done to death. You can spot them a mile away – but there are still lots of gems to be found out there.


You have to be careful here because simply adding a credit to your post doesn’t stop it from being a copyright infringement.

In practice, “everyone does it” – but all it takes is one person to decide they want to make an example out of you. So, to cover your bum, just reach out and ask for permission first.

Also, make sure that the credit is visible and not hidden in the hashtags or in the first comment. The content creator went to the trouble to take that photo and edit it, so the least you can do is be respectful, thank them and show them that you appreciate their hard work.


If you’re looking for cool Instagram graphics and templates, Creative Market is my go-to. Most of the templates here are in Photoshop or Illustrator format, but there are more and more popping up in Canva format, so just make sure you double check that they’re in the right format for you.

Some of the templates are even worth learning how to use Photoshop for! There are some really cool animated ones and some really awesome quote templates. If you’re looking for the simpler alternative, definitely check out the Canva templates.


Canva’s social media templates are pretty decent considering that they’re free. You can even create your own graphics, just with their built-in shapes and their patterns. I recommend updating the fonts and the colours of any of their templates to match your brand look and feel, rather than just going with the default colours and font – or else you’ll look like every other brand out there and your Instagram feed just won’t be consistent with your brand.

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