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7 Productive Ways To Spend Quality Time On The Internet

Over the last twenty years (from 2000-2020), the Internet has grown by 1,239%. That’s an astronomical growth by any standards and the fastest technological growth in history.

Currently, the world’s population stands at 7.9 billion.

62% (4.9 billion) of that population has already embraced the Internet.

When 4.9 billion of the world’s population is already online, this becomes serious. It means the world’s economy is controlled by the Internet.

Who Invented the Internet? | Britannica

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No doubt the Internet is central to our daily lives and will become even more so in the coming decade.

With the world economy has gone online, it becomes paramount to invest your time on the Internet in the most efficient manner.

Here are 7 productive ways to spend quality time on the Internet.


1. Education (30%)

Definitely, education will be big on the Internet, therefore spend a large chunk of time learning new stuff.

Old knowledge is becoming obsolete very fast. We cannot solve today’s problems with the same knowledge that was used to create them.

That makes learning a lifelong process.


2. Research (20%)

The Internet is a marketplace for ideas, thus the Internet is a place where ideas compete with each other.

Ideas solve problems and solutions create wealth. Wealth grows the economy.

Definitely, the Internet is the place to create new wealth, therefore 20% of my time would be spent exploring new ideas and new ways to create wealth.

If you don’t spend a large chunk of your time researching on the Internet, your idea will become obsolete as fast as technology changes.


3. Content Creation (20%)

No doubt you’ve heard of the phrase, “Content is King”. This is a phrase coined by a billionaire,

Bill Gates when he published an essay on the Microsoft website in January 1996


Create content on websites, blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, forums, and other social media platforms and in every other available space on the Internet.

Definitely, content is the new real estate. Big companies like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Microsoft, and Yahoo, are just content aggregators. That’s why they’re worth trillions of dollars.

As the Internet grows exponentially, if you invest more time creating quality content, you need not worry about your financial future.


4. Communication (10%)

The original idea behind the Internet was communication. We increasingly live in a connected world. The Internet has enabled people to remain connected at all times free of cost.

With the availability of communication tools such as instant messaging, email, teleconferencing, social networking, and internet telephony, we’re more connected than we have ever been in our entire history.

No problem if you’re doing it for economic gain, but if you’re not careful you can spend most of your time doing nothing but talking.

Setting some time for communication and strictly maintaining that time is an efficient way to plan your time when working on the Internet, otherwise, all you’ll do is answer emails the whole day.


5. Networking (10%)

People are the world’s greatest asset, therefore, I guess the best way to create that asset would be to network with people.

On the Internet, the more people you connect with, the wealthier you’re likely to become.

Consider the 7 largest social networks.

Facebook is the biggest social network in the world with over 2.7 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2020, followed by YouTube (2 billion), WhatsApp (2 billion), Facebook Messenger (1.3 billion), WeChat (1.165 billion), Instagram (1 billion), and Tik Tok (800 million) in the order. Tik Tok is the fastest growing social network.

Together, these social networks control the largest database of Internet users in the world. Therefore it’s no wonder, they’re some of the richest companies in the world.

The idea is to grab just a fraction of this database, using simple networking tools and techniques, and you’ve assured a constant supply of clients and customers.


7. Leisure (10%)

The proverb, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, applies to all human endeavors. That’s why we have physical activities like games and sports, to unwind from the stresses of life.

The Internet has pastimes too, which are designed to relax your mind from the monotony of daily Internet activity. You can watch movies or play video games or just spend your time as you please so long as your brain relaxes.

Source: Quora

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