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7 Questions You Should Ask Your Partner Before Getting Married

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Connor James Drake,a Husband, Writer ,Sales & Entrepreneurship Coach said ‘Marriage is Brutal’Read Also: Lady Shares Her Wedding Night Experience After Husband Discovers She’s Not A Virgin

He continued:

I’m married to my best friend—the love of my life—but marriage is still hard.

Even so, I know it could be a whole lot harder; and I think we were blessed to have had a number of the “hard” decisions prior to getting married.

Here are seven of the most important questions to tackle before tying the knot:

#1: How did your family resolve arguments and disagreements at home?

Did they should and scream? Throw things? Get physical? Brood silently? Or calmly discuss the situation? Knowing this will give you insights into how your partner might handle conflict.

#2: What are your thoughts on having children? If we start a family, what will your role as a parent be?

This isn’t something you want to discover you disagree about after the papers have been signed.

#3: What are your religious beliefs, and how important to you are they?

Again: Not something you want to find yourself on opposite sides of the fence about after “I do.” Difference in beliefs, or thinking, “I’ll convert them after we’re married” are often huge challenges to a marriage.

#4: Are we financially independent or co-dependent?

If there are debts, are they “my/your” debts or “our debts?” Will there be separate bank accounts, or joint accounts? Should one person be in charge of the money?

#5: How important is sex?

Sex is a huge point of tension in a marriage. Trust me, I’ve got personal experience in this one. It is so important you understand one another’s expectations.

Also, what are the boundaries? Knowing your partners views on flirting and pornography are vital.

#6: Do you know my love language? Do I know yours?

How you naturally show love and how your partner prefers to receive love are not always the same. In fact, they often aren’t. So make sure you know one another’s love language(s) to ensure you’re giving one another what you need.

#7: Where do you see us ten years from now?

Are you both aligned on what you want from the future? On who you want to be as individuals and as a unit? Are your priorities, goals, dreams, and visions aligned? That’s not to say they have to be the same, but they definitely shouldn’t be opposing.

Take the time to really talk those through with your partner. Some of them will probably be easy, but some might be a little more difficult. And if that’s the case, those are issues you want to resolve before the wedding, not after.


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