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8 Important Tips For You To Improve Heath Wise According To Experts

John James Joseph, a certified MPH from New York Medical College (2007) had stated the following as tips to improve health wise.Read Also: 30 Key Steps To Keep Staying Young

1. Don’t smoke.

It dehydrates you and ruins your ability to breathe. And, breath is life.

2. Stay away from alcohol.

It ruins families, relationships, and wreaks havoc on your body, especially your brain, kidneys, heart, and liver.

3. Forget recreational drug use.

It will severely blunt your ability to think clearly.

4. Steer clear of toxic relationships, negative and hate-filled people, and folks that will pose as your friend, but seek to hurt you in your life. Recognize the signs, and cut ties as soon as possible. You will live an almost stress free life.

5. Be kind to others, even when they are mean to you. It’s like heaping hot coals upon their heads. But refer to #4 for further explanation.

6. Always do the right thing, even if it hurts you. No one will ever be able to say you were sneaky and manipulating. You will maintain a high level of personal integrity and sleep well every night, and have no regrets.

7. Choose the partner you plan to live with the rest of your life wisely. Watch how they treat their parents. You will gain massive insight into their core personality traits, especially love and respect. Also, watch how they treat people that cannot do anything for them personally. This will show insight as to their core thoughts on dignity and compassion for others.

8. Exercise, eat a balanced diet, and limit meats. Your body will thank you by providing high quality functions well into your old age.

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