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8 unwritten social rules everyone should know

There are unwritten social rules everyone should know ,I will be sharing 8 tips today you can add yours if you know any other at the comment section.

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  1. Don’t comment on one’s weight. If you face the person and say ‘Wow, you’ve gained so much weight. You definitely changed’ or even ‘Wow, you’ve lost so much weight. You definitely changed’ (which is a compliment for many people), it’s totally unnecessary and can make the person in front very self-conscious. That person undoubtedly checks himself/herself in the mirror several times every day therefore knows whether he/she gained or lost no need to point that out.
  2. Give a good feedback to young ones. When your 4 year old niece approaches you and excitedly shows the picture that she drew yesterday,don’t discourage her with your insincere face expression or your huge indifference to what she drew, instead make her feel like a talented person who has amazing drawing skills. This way she’ll be encouraged to draw more, try harder and become better at what she does with such passion (even if she doesn’t have that inborn drawing ability).
  3. Don’t put on makeup in public. I see so many people do this on a daily basis and it always makes me uncomfortable. I know..there is nothing wrong with putting on makeup in front of other people, but it’s just what I feel is wrong. I myself always go to the restroom at the end of a long school day to reapply my makeup, but one of my classmates runs to catch the bus instead of going to the restroom with me (and a few other girls) and always ends up being in the same bus with me and starts putting on makeup in the bus which is very, very annoying.
  4. Tell people if there’s something wrong with their faces or clothes. Many people don’t do this “out of politeness” but it is waaay polite and cool to tell the person in front that, for example, she has lipstick on her teeth, there’s something in her hair, her shirt is unbuttoned and so on. Of course, tell this privately without making a huge deal out of it and that person will be very thankful to you.
  5. Don’t look at your phone while talking to people. Many people I know check their phones immediately when they get the sound of Messanger in the middle of the conversation. And I always feel bad when they’re doing this while I am talking to them so I try to always be present during conversations with other people by making eye contact with them instead of my phone. The phone can wait!!
  6. Don’t look at other people’s phones without their permission. For instance, it’s always very uncomfortable for me when I’m on my phone while being in the bus and the person besides me is staring at my phone, seeing all the things that I do. In these cases, I always hide my phone because it’s just not normal to me to feel that a strange person is reading my texts or seeing my Instagram feed. So people, please, don’t do that!!
  7. Don’t touch other people’s hair. This refers to girls specifically. I have many friends who play with my hair when talking or during the class and I hate that. This doesn’t only mess my hairstyle but makes me very annoyed. I tried to point that out a few times before but some of my classmates still do that idk why.
  8. Don’t ask people to give away their piece of work. I know a lot of people who don’t do anything by themselves and wait for others to write their paper, do their homework exercises, make a business plan etc. to then ask them to give these to them because for some reason they weren’t able to do that themselves. Sometimes, when I actually get the courage to refuse these people, I feel kinda guilty and mean so please, understand that nobody wants to give away their efforts and don’t make them say NO to you because both saying NO and giving you their personal work are hard things to do.


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