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9 Important Things Men Want In Marriage

The emotional and physical needs of men and women are different. A woman can improve and strengthen her marriage by keeping those differences in mind and considering the needs of her husband.Below are important things Men want in Marriage.Read Also: 5 Habits Of Highly Successful People

  1. Appreciation

Generally, the role of husbands and fathers remain underappreciated in our society. But we must remember that one of the biggest motivating factors for a man in a marriage is appreciation.

A husband might never tell but deep down he wants his wife to appreciate his efforts and actions.

Once the need for appreciation is fulfilled for a husband he is more caring and thoughtful towards his wife. As they say, catch them when they are doing good and they will do more of it, appreciate him and he will do more to please you.

  1. Clear Communication

Women, are complex creatures. At times a woman say one thing, mean something else and expect her husband to join the pieces of the puzzle and do what they want them to do.

For men, this is almost impossible to comprehend that’s why they want their wives to communicate clearly. Husbands want their wives to talk more clearly and explicitly tell their desires and needs.

  1. Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy is very important to men and for them, it leads to a good relationship. On the other hand for women, a good relationship is required for physical intimacy. It becomes very difficult for women to understand this need of their husbands. Women must remember that the desire of intimacy in men is not to objectify women. Instead, men are wired in such a way that physical intimacy is not just their want but a very important need.

  1. Acceptance & Trust

Men want their wives to fully accept them and not to try to change or improve them.

Similarly, for a man, his wife’s trust and belief are very important. Men want their wives to trust their intentions, abilities, and efforts.

If a woman can show that she fully accepts and trusts her husband he will do all it takes to make her happy.

  1. Positivity & Happiness

Women have the tendency to nag a lot. This nagging makes a husband feel that he is not doing enough to keep his wife happy. For him its a form of distrust on his efforts and intentions.

Men want their wives to be happy with them.

If women can practice positivity more often and just be happy their marriage will be more deep and strong.

  1. Encouragement

A man might never admit this but his wife’s words matter a lot to him. The whole world might be all praises for him but if his wife doesn’t second it he will always second guess himself.

On the other hand, everyone might be doubtful of his abilities but his wife’s encouragement and trust have the potential to make him face and conquer any challenge.

  1. Respect

Desiring respect is obvious for both men and women. Men want their wives to respect them privately and publically.

A husband hates it when his wife discusses his shortcomings with her mother and friends in his absence. On the other hand, if he knows that his wife respects him both privately and publicly he will thrive and their marriage will be stronger than ever.

  1. Companionship

Companionship and friendship is the true essence of a marriage. Men want their wives’ to show interest in their activities.

In early days of marriage, women do show interest and give a lot of companionship to their husbands. But when kids come into picture everything else goes into the background. Men know that a mother-child bond is the strongest but still they want and deserve exclusive time from their wives.

  1. Love and Affection       

A marriage is incomplete without love and affection. Unsurprisingly every man wants love and affection in his marriage. If a wife can fulfill the aforementioned eight needs of a husband then he automatically feels loved and desired.

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