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9 things Your Husband Wants The Most

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Today I’m going to be sharing with you few tips on what your husband wants the most and how you can give your husband the best attention he deserves.

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  1. Husband wants his wife to be happy with him. He wants his wife to feel like a queen and he be her king. That means be happy and make a loving home with what he brings. Not compare him with your friends husbands.

2. Husband wants his wife to carry his dignity. He wants to be proud of his wife. He wants everyone to admire his wife.He thinks of her as some priced possession to be very proud of . He wants his wife to carry herself with such elan.

3. Husband loves it when his wife loves him more than anything and everything in this world.She also makes him feel that way.

4. Husband wants an active partner in bed who is fun loving and communicative and who responds well. He wants her to be his best friend.He wants his wife to understand his untold needs while he may snore without paying heed to your needs. Ha ha!!

5. Husband wants his wife to plan pregnancy and not hold him responsible.

6. Husband wants at least palatable food even if it is not very tasty. He doesn’t mind helping but he wants his wife to cook with some interest.He will be very happy if you can give him a tasty feast.

7. Husband wants his wife to shop within his means but without making him feel small or incapable.

8. Husband wants his wife to take interest in his work, match his IQ and help him if possible. At least be very understanding when he has had a hard day .He wants to be sure that his wife will hug him give him strength and courage when he got rough weather at the office.

9. Husband doesn’t like a nagging wife. He wants his wife to understand that he can’t agree with everything the wife has to say and wants to be accepted for that. Some space please. He wants to be left alone when even after repeated requests something is being ignored. Please understand he doesn’t want to do it But is afraid of saying that.

Husband doesn’t want his wife to be very social with the other guys even when he may secretly admire girlsHe is possessive by nature, jealous and at times insecure too.

Husband doesn’t want wife to runaway to her parents house at the drop of a hat and share everything about their marriage with the parents.But he wants his parents to be with them and also listen to them.

Husband doesn’t like too much melodrama for small silly mistakes like forgetting birthdays and Anniversary. It’s just that he remembered the day until yesterday, he was just about to wish you but you reacted a second earlier.

Husband wants you to trust him completely and not check his cell phone wallet and laptop.

Husband wants you to teach the kids that “ your daddy is the best in the world and not complaining to the kids about their father.

Husband also wants to be assured that you will do your best to make him the king and you be his queen.

Husband searches for his mother’s qualities in his wife. He secretly likes it when his wife corrects him but without making him feel like your kid.

When husband wants lot more than all this then he finally goes to hell and wife goes to heaven for having attempted to please him.


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