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A 65 Year-Old Man Wants People In Their 20’s To Know These Things(No 3 will shock you)

A 65 year old man Doug Armey said And I’m north of the 10th anniversary of my 50th birthday will like to share some points for younger ones to look out for.
Below are points listed :

  1. Sex. When you’re 20 it’s hard to think about anything else. And you worry it’ll end. It doesn’t. It gets better. Something about practice makes perfect. Just keep practicing.

2. Moments. When you’re 20 you think you have forever so you waste moments. Then life blows by. Now I treasure every moment.             Squeeze out all the joy of each.

3.Love. When you’re 20 you flit from relationship to relationship. Fall in and out of love. Now married for a few decades I can tell you            love keeps getting better. Just keep lighting the fire.

4.Happiness. When you’re 20 you worry about everything. Even fictional things. I figured out most never occurred and the rest I could            fix. So now, why worry? Just enjoy.

5.Family. When you’re 20 it’s easy to put off your family in pursuit of your dream. Then you achieve your dream and you’ve lost your              family. Reverse that. You’ll be glad

6. Health. When you’re 20 you figure you’ll always have good health. No need to pursue it. Then you hit 50 and wonder, “What the                 hell?” Pursue it when you’re young. Enjoy it when you’re older.

7. Money. When you’re 20 you figure you’ve got time to start saving and investing later. Then at 65 you realize you’re screwed. Start             at 20 and enjoy 65 a lot more.

8. Spirituality. When you’re 20 you think you’ve got all the answers of the universe. But as you lose loved ones and think about your              destiny you hope there’s more. Find out. It’ll bring you peace.

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