Actor Clem Ohameze Narrates How He Was Attacked

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Veteran actor, Clem Ohameze has narrated how he was attacked by hoodlums in Akwa Ibom state. Speaking in an interview on BBC Igbo, the actor made known how he was attacked by hoodlums on his way to a movie location in Abak Road on Thursday October 22.

They took N650,000 from me, all my phones, destroyed my car and slashed my hand with a machete - Actor Clem Ohameze recounts how he was attacked (listen to audio)

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Clem who said he initially thought they were #EndSARS protesters, said he was attacked by the hoodlums after being identified. He also revealed that they took his money, phones, damaged his car and also slashed his hand with a machete.

The actor said;

“It happened on Thursday in Uyo. The protesters, I ran into them. On recognizing me, they just didn’t want to bother. They took everything away from me.

“They took N650,000 from me, all my phones. Destroyed my car, slashed my hand with a machete. I did a police report when this happened. I was on Abak Road in Uyo. I went to work on a movie set of my own.”

Ohameze who further revealed that he has been in an Uyo hospital since Thursday and was discharged on Sunday October 25, added that his attackers have pleaded guilty to assault to a police officer and are awaiting trial.

Listen to the audio conversation below;


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