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Amazing!!! Man Opens Up About His Inspirational Journey to success.

Solly Thomas opens up about how he became a success.

From delivery man and gardener to lawyer, meet Solly Thomas Ngobeni

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He shared his story as a way of inspiring others, especially South Africans.

The story of Solly Thomas is truly an inspiring one, it goes a long way to tell people that they can achieve success if they want to

Thomas said it took him eight years to realise his dreams. From 2006, he worked as a delivery man in Pretoria for R300 a week.

However, he wanted to do more with his life and decided to go back to school to obtain his matric certificate.

The story of Solly Thomas Ngobeni goes further to show that perseverance, hard work, and consistency yield good results.

He told Varsity World:

“Today by God’s grace, I am giving myself a birthday present. A birthday present which took me almost eight years to master and perfect.

It was back in 2006, on this very same day 18 of august when I got a job to

work as a delivery guy around Pretoria CBD earning R300 per week,

I delivered furniture in people’s homes and I got inspired by the things I saw and the interaction I had.


“That prompted me to go back and register for a matric certificate in 2007 and the only school that was in a position to accommodate

me was ABET in Soshanguve because I had since left school in my standard 6 due to challenges I faced, for 10 years I was at home

chasing shadows, and I worked hard to pass with an exemption that year, seeing my name written in a newspaper for the

class of 2007 was a feeling that I can never try to explain. When they say, ‘It runs in the family,’ you tell them, ‘

This is where it runs out.’


“I then got a job to work as a gardener in 2008 and later on another better job and

the requirement of it was a matric certificate.

I then took my pay and went to UNISA.

Today on the 18th of august, I’m a proud holder of a National Diploma in Law and LLB degree.”

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