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Anonymous User Shares Experience And What It Feels To Be Married To A Sex Addict(Read Story)

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Sex in Marriage is important as it beget the fruit of the womb and it is the production process of a test result of the agility of the couple.But what time is too much sex too much ? When one of the partner becomes an addict.Below is the story shared by an anonymous user on social media.Read Also: 4 Ways To Know Your Partner Might Be Cheating Based on Body Language

She began:

Its a bit hard to explain.

My husband is a sex addict – something I realized a couple of years into my marriage when I caught a string of exchanges with multiple women on his phone. I was angry, and arranged for us to go into counselling, where it became apparent that his need to have incessant sex was more pathological than immoral.

Divorce was a tricky option for me, as it would destroy my social standing and affect my career. He too was quite keen to remain married to me, and claimed to love me. At the same time, he realized that his dick did more thinking than any of his other body parts, and was not able to promise me fidelity. Instead, he offered me sexual freedom.

He said he would have no objections to me satisfying my sexual urges as I saw fit, as long as we both remained married and held emotional primacy for each other.

It has turned out to be a very questionable but satisfying arrangement. I have been able to expand my sexual repertoire immensely since, as has my husband. We still remain bonded to each other, but are not exclusive. I am not a sex addict like my husband, who still goes through a box of 20 condoms in a week, but I am happy with the opportunity to have sex with men (and women) that I feel attracted to, without suffering from emotional trauma.

It’s not the way I imagined my marriage to be, but oh well.


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