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Answer these 6 Questions Before Choosing A Career.

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There are plenty of considerations when it comes to picking a profession. Although many people work more than they sleep, it is important to make the right career decision.

You would be better prepared to pick a job that matches you by asking yourself these six questions.

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1. Can This Career Support My Desired Lifestyle?

The lifestyle you have requires time and money.

You may require a certain amount of time away from the workplace, depending on whether you have children or wish to work.

You also need to determine how much income you need to live your lifestyle.

To afford the lifestyle, you need a certain amount of money if you want to travel or have a big family.

You may opt to sacrifice your time for a few years to afford more time later in your career, depending on what matters to you the most,

or you can prioritize pursuing your ambition and dream career. The choices are vast, but you want to be intentional with how you spend your time and money.


2. Does This Career Challenge Me?

Imagine being a talented footballer competing against kids in primary school.

Sure, you are going to win every match, but you will not feel the same satisfaction as if you were challenged by other talented professionals.

Choosing a career requires you to gauge the opportunity for growth and advancement.

This is important because your chosen career will allow you to build new skills, attain additional education, and expand your knowledge base.

Tasks that were once daunting will become simple as you progress in your career.

You are faced with two options when this happens.

If you are just putting in limited effort to get above average results, you will relax for the rest of your career.

Or, in places where you are not guaranteed progress, you should take on new challenges.

Do not allow your fear of the unknown to cause you to stay in your comfort zone.


3. Who Can Mentor Me?

You only know what you know, and if you want to know more, you will either have to experience it yourself or learn from someone else’s experiences.

By finding someone who is in the career you want to choose, you will have someone to ask and seek guidance from.

They can share what they learned and tell you what it takes to build a career in a certain industry.

Instead of waiting until you start your career to learn all these things, find a mentor who is a few steps ahead of you.


4. What Would I Do for Free?

One of the fastest ways to end up broke is chasing money. It would take more than the love of money to stick it out with most professions.

You are probably familiar with people who make decent money, and still they are unhappy.

They are working in a profession where every day they feel like they are missing a bit of themselves.

The reason it is good to ask yourself what you would do for free is that your mind has an amazing ability to rationalize anything.

What this means is you can find yourself in a toxic work relationship (or any relationship for that matter)

because you have convinced yourself it is “not that bad”.

Instead of making yourself believe that you are doing what is necessary, allow yourself to imagine the career you would pursue free.


5. Where Does My Personality Fit?

Personalty also plays a major role in career satisfaction. For example, if you have an extrovert personality you might find working in a bank stressful

but enjoy politics, business management, or sales but if you are a shy person, you might find a career that involves human interaction really draining

( unless you learn how to deal with it ). If you are a creative type you Wouldn’t want to work in a supermarket as a salesperson.


6.Where Do I Want to Live?

Choosing a career is going to have a direct impact on where you will live.

For example, if you want to practice agriculture or own a big farm, you don’t people to tell you that Lagos is not the best place for agriculture.

Also If you are not excited about working in places like Lagos then you may want to explore careers in more rural areas

You must be strategic in where you choose to live to provide yourself the best opportunity to succeed.

For those who would prefer to choose the location based on their kids or proximity to their family,

you will want to examine which professions are prevalent in your area.

If you can find a company that has a local headquarters in your area, then you open up the opportunity to find a career that fits you.


Source: LifeHack


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