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APC Rally Mishap:Why Mc Oluomo Was Stabbed

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Its no longer breaking news that Popular NURTW chieftain Musiliu Akinsanya aka MC Oluomo was stabbed by another union chieftain named Mustapha aka Seigo during the flag off of the APC governorship rally in Ikeja on Tuesday 8 jan 2018.

Firstly I will like to issue a disclaimer that i haven’t interviewed anyone on this matter but i was able to get some facts about what happened by doing a little dig around.

Now to the main gist ,I know you are eager to hear it as I was with my inquisitiveness earlier.Like a curious cat I wasn’t satisfy with the publications flying around major blogs and online news medium,you know many Nigerian bloggers can be lazy like a old hungry dog waiting for a bone….sorry ouch!

If you haven’t heard of MC Oluomo before now as in before he was stabbed…I mean mc oluomo like the stabbed mc oluomo ‘ijoba gbogbo oshodi’ my dear you are far from civilization ooo… as in mc oluomo that Teni sang about?? mc oluomo that all fuji artist hails?? a man who’s name you will easily hear in our popular yoruba movies?? mc oluomo or ’emhmc’ as others might prefer to call him.

With an Instagram following of over 200k you don’t need to be told this man is not an ordinary ‘agbero’ as popularly called….he’s got the social influence,political influence(followers) and to rap it all hes a big fish.

Well revved among his peers I know for sure as he has proven himself to be successful in his line of work over the years

Yes MC Oluomo is a successful man ,see pictures on his Instagram page …you will have an idea what I’m talking about.

Now to the main gist which is the reason for the stabbing…As much as I will like to keep chewing this meat,my esophagus wouldn’t let me hold on it for long as the worms in my belly are really waiting .

Before the rally on Tuesday,it was reported that the police commissioner had called leaders of the NURTW to the state office were all agreed on a fight free rally.

At the rally ground,according to reports, Wasiu Ayinde was singing and according to his norms,he chants praises of big guns and baba is well known for doing that alot. If you have another version of this story please comment as i have issued a disclaimer earlier…

According to the report,during his hailing and chanting,Ayinde had rain praises for ‘Kunle Poly’ another union leader rival to Mc.

Rival in sense that they are both vying for the state chairman’s position for the Lagos state chapter of NURTW.

Wondering how I know this???Like really you don’t know???It’s all over Instagram na…I have said earlier celebrities hail MC a lot and they have at a point posted such best wishes on their pages. Mc oluomo is a socialite and a philanthropist ,this post is not in anyway trying to tarnish anyone’s image but to bring you gist and an awareness to whats happening in politics and the NURTW. Even a popular sheikh post a lot about mc ,I won’t name namessss. go find out yourself!

Back to the story…M c was not finding it funny anymore and he ,according to reports told Baba Wasiu to stop hailing his rival ‘kunle poly’ that was the straw that broke the camels back,from my findings , Seigo the alleged stabber belongs to kunle poly’s camp and he was not going to let his boss get ridiculed…that led to the stabbing””and blood started flowing everywhere like oil spills.A stab in the neck and several other places ???This guy doesn’t mean well for Mc at all…On this issue a comment was passed that he was probably with intension of trying his luck as mc has been rumored over the years to possess a superman power… sha see ‘Teni on your case’. Well that was not the main gist..still wondering what it was ???Sit down while I stir this pot of facts properly to ensure the ingredients mix up well like when you making your jollof rice at home.

Many of you read about the death of Harmburger???Death of Mc Oluwo??Attempted assassination of Kunle Poly?? The recent video of mc oluomo telling his rivals to buy more guns??If you haven’t heard any of this story and you reside in Nigeria,’I can’t help you’ yourself abeg…how much is Mtn data.. hain!!or airtel or glo or teckno smartphone that you have decided to blacklist yourself ???even newspaper cost just N200 abeg this is 2019 oo upgrade your sef with news and information even if you never see money.Information would safe you from been obsolete.

I’m sure you are tired now as I am , am typing and typing like they are going to pay me for this…

Anyways watch out for part 2 or there might not be depending on the mood you find me…I will connect all the dots and cross the ts.

How the death of the above named men resulted to this and what led to their death according to reports and how it is connected to politics and the leadership of Ashiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu in Lagos politics.


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