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‘At 26 My Dad Still Flogs Me’-Man Cries Out

A yet to be identified man cries out on popular Nigerian Forum Nairaland on the issue of his dad flogging him at every provocation.The writer who sounded frustrated said

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Please is there anyone else experiencing what I’m passing through now, because it’s making me sad and depressed I can’t believe my dad still whips me at my age.. I don’t want to confront him because, he’s still my father even though I feel gutted for his actions

Yesterday I went to watch liverpool vs Arsenal match in a viewing center, and came back late at night by 9:55 pm, As soon as I came in, he was still awake in the parlor, what he did next was to use the cain he hid to start whipping me…i think is because I’m still living with him, at my age with no meaningful contribution right now, that’s why

I have no where to go to, It seems I’m now a burden to them in our house…because I ‘m currently jobless now and unemployed for six months now, due to this pandemic… I was initially working in the hospitality industry as a waiter, but was laid off at the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, ever since then things have gone from bad to worse for me….. I’m broke to hell at the moment

I’m seriously depressed, I just wish I could relocate far away and look for something else to do, and fix my life back, but no where to go, I don’t have anyone to help… � May God forgive me if I can’t bear this anymore….



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