AY Gives Advice To Trending Celebrities

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Popular comedian, Ay, recently shared some wise words on his social media pages. The comedian whose real name is Ayo Makun recently took out time to address the celebrities making the news at the moment. According to him, humility is key and those who let fame get the best of them are only digging their own grave.AYO MAKUN; THE SHOW BUSINESS OF AY - THISDAYLIVE

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AY advised trending celebrities against being prideful. In the tweet which he also shared to his Instagram page, he wrote: “Dear reigning & trending celebrity, before you allow the fame to take the best of you, just know that you are digging your own grave.There is a reason why 2Baba, RMD & others are still in the same business where some don’t last more than 2 years.Talent is not enough #humility”
He followed it with a caption: “Humility will open more doors than arrogance ever will. Pride makes us artificial where humility makes us real.”

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