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Ayoola Finally Talks On Relationship With Rita Dominic “She’s Someone I Admire”

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During the week, star actress, Rita Dominic, had a Facebook live chat with her fans where she addressed various issues about her life ranging from her career to her relationships. The actress who hardly speaks about her relationship opened up on how she was formerly in a relationship with someone in Germany.

photogrid_1473161981671_resizedShe also added that she loves babies and is working toward making one. However, people got talking more when she posted the picture of Ayoola, the 2012 Project Fame winner, on her Instagram page.

Most of the commentators on her wall were quick to join the dotted line and jumped into conclusion that he probably is the new man in her life.

Ayoola who claimed he had not seen the post described the actress as someone he really admires.

He said, “I like to keep my private life private but if there is anything, I would let you know. I have not even seen the post but I would check. Rita Dominic is fantastic at what she does and I admire her. I have looked up to her for a very long time. So if Genevieve posts a picture of you on her Instagram page, does it mean that you guys are dating? It could be either of two possibilities which is; you are either dating or not. I am a very private person. Whoever I am dating or not dating, when I feel comfortable to talk about it, I would let you know. I have opened up in the past when I was single and when I was dating but now, I want to keep my private life private.”

The singer further said that he did not have the time for hearsays because he was currently working on his new projects.

“I am really busy at the moment. I am currently on set shooting ‘Skinny girl’ in transit Season Three. My acting is not affecting my music and as a matter of fact, I am releasing new music next week. It is a love song and it is very cultural, my usual style. It has a lot of cultural influences on it and I used my live band. My music is very lucrative, at least I make ends meet. I thank God that I make more than my expectation through the music and my acting, so I guess my music is quite lucrative and it is very promising. I started acting before I delved into music. Acting first got me on the television and I was on Tinsel for a few months in 2010 while I won Project Fame in 2012. However, I have been singing since I was seven years old. Both have been running concurrently but I had to put the acting on hold to push my music career,” Ayoola said.


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