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Brutal Truth About Life After Marriage

What is the brutal truth about life after marriage? - GirlsAskGuys

  1. You can’t sleep diagonally on the bed. You have to share it with your partner and thus you have to adjust in half the bed.
  2. If you stay away from parents, before picking up their call you have to decide the menu of the dinner. (Note: you can’t let them know you were lazy and just decided to order from swiggy).
  3. A rejoinder to the above point, it goes without saying that, if cooking up it for whatever matter, your stories should match with your spouse😁 you are now a United front.
  4. You must get used to legs/ hands falling on you, right in the middle of the night with no prior notice. It used to scare the shit out of me in the early days😆.
  5. You would rarely be alone.. You will always have your other half around 😁. This is too irritating when u r in a fight and don’t want to see the other person’s face for sometime
  6. You can’t have the packet of chips all for yourself😒next comes a question “what are you eating“ and then one hand will definitely come and take away half of your chips. This also applies to ice cream, cold drinks, chocolates etc. Luckily in my case, we have polar opposite choices in flavors of ice cream and all. So our tastes match only in snacks rest all we choose our own stuff.
  7. Have very recently learned this during our house hunting, you cannot buy a home easily because if I like one he finds faults in it, and if he likes one vice versa so it might take a long to zero in on one. Similarly, choosing anything important is difficult if the choices are not the same.

The thing about marriage is it’s a pact between two people after which you are together in everything good or bad. I am grateful to have found a partner who has kept my brutalities in marriage limited to the few mentioned above. There might be more additions as years pass by, but I am ready to face them with him 😁

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