Butt Reduction ??Butt Enlargement??(Here’s What Khloe Said About Her New Looks)

I did butt reduction,Reality TV star, Khloe, has come out to claim she actually did a butt reduction surgery and not enlargement as rumored in the media

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The reality star took to her snapchat to reveal that that she had a butt surgery to reduce the size of her backside as she considered it too big for her.

She further explained that people always fail to believe that she had a butt reduction surgery.

She wrote,

“Just so hard for you guys to believe, it was a removal not addition. But anyways.. yen yen yen”.

According to Khloe, “her collarbone is on point, her boobs are full, waist snatched, ass fat and hips are legit. She confirmed that she had a butt implant to enhance her backside. However with all the physical features she mentioned, there are speculations that she might have worked on other parts of her body

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