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Can Animals Suffer From Depression? (Find Out)

Yes, animals can also suffer from depression, at least that’s what the experts say. Veterinarians have concluded that cats and dogs suffer from a seasonal disorder in winter.

How do these disorders manifest themselves?

As in the case of humans, the disorder manifests itself through an apathetic, lethargic, tiredness and physical exhaustion.

Owners argue, for example, that their pets are less enthusiastic when they see them coming home. In the case of cats, the hours in which they are very active change.

There is no doubt that depressive states are caused by the weather outside. When the day is shorter, outside is cloudy and cold, pets also suffer.

Fortunately, there seems to be a solution for these states as well. There are fluorescent lamps specially designed for dogs and cats, which illuminate the room and can make your pet feel better!

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