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Checkout Animals That Are Embarrassments To Their (Taxonomic) Families

You might have heard of mongooses. They’re badass little carnivores that eat snakes for breakfast:

But one member of the mongoose family decided that snake-fighting wasn’t its cup of tea:

Yes, meerkats are mongooses. It must be a great embarrassment to their cousins that these glorified ground squirrels are mongooses. I imagine at family gatherings the meerkat has to stand to watch outside while everybody else exchanges war stories about all the snakes they fought.

I don’t imagine the other canids are very happy about dogs either. Everybody else is out there fending for themselves, whether it’s polar foxes catching hares, or African wild dogs chasing antelope until they die of exhaustion, or wolves howling to the moon. And then there are these guys:

And then there are kangaroos. Kangaroos are all about jumping around out on the plains. Except for these tree kangaroos, who decided jumping wasn’t for them and they’d rather climb trees:

Source: Jelle Zijlstra

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