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Checkout Most Of The Scariest Pictures In The World(VDA)

These are just some of the pictures and well-researched information that I collected for my Instagram page @rayo_online

Bite of a Goliath Bird Eating Spider:

A baby that died in the womb before it was born:

This gruesome post by a Redditor

Fibrodysplasia a rare disease that turns your muscles into bones.

This is how the skeleton of the person suffering from this disease looks like:

This perfectly preserved skin of a tattoed person at surgeon’s hall museum:

Skull of a baby with unerupted teeth. That’s how a child’s jaw looks like since permanent teeth develop in the bone and erupt after milk teeth:

Skull of a person who died of bone cancer:

The geometrically perfect jaw of Sea Lamprey- a creepy fish breed that lives by feeding on other fishes:

This bizarre sea creature found in Russia by sailor Roman Fedortsov:

Graduation pic from University of Virginia- Mortuary Class 1898-1899

A Baboon monkey without hair:

This gaming setup with highly unique screensaver!

A skeleton of a mother, and her baby, who both died during her pregnancy.

Lady Needleface

The grand chandelier made of real human bones in Church at Kutna Hora outside Prague, Czech Republic.

This highly unique belt:

Try to guess what the following photo is about without reading the text in it?

Ever dreamed of being an astronaut? Well, you are seeing the following pic for the first time, aren’t you?

Love Antarctica? Well, it’s not always as amazing as it looks. Ask this fox that was frozen down to the death in Antarctica:

Or maybe just have a look at this rare creature found in Antarctica:

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