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Checkout The Most Aggressive Cat Breed (Manul)

I think Manul or Asian steppe cat.

Manul lives in the deserts and steppes or in the mountains up to 4,000 meters high, everywhere except forests.

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Manul is a small wild cat, largely the size of a house cat, except it looks much larger because of a long thick fur which is the longest and the densest at 7 cm and 9,000 hairs per square cm.

The hair allows the cat to survive at -50c in a windy desert.

Its bite is very strong and the teeth are three times as long as that of a regular cat.

The aggressiveness of Manul largely comes from a fact that it is also the slowest of all cats, making it vulnerable to other predators. Once confronted, it fights to the death, although rarely prevails against species like the wolf.

Manul itself mostly preys on rodents ambushing them by the holes, because it can’t really chase other animals.

The cat is very stealthy unless in the open then it is easy to catch because it is incapable to outrun a human. To negotiate its aggressiveness with claws and strong jaws you need to drop a jacket on it and immobilize it this way.

This deficiency in combination with a very expensive fur makes the cat rather rare. Also, they have the weakest immunity among all cats due to living in the cold area without much bacteria, making them vulnerable to infectious diseases as they are moving south or in the summertime.

Source:Boris Sanochkin


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