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Checkout The Most Hideous Face ( Julia Pastrana)

 Julia Pastrana is a young Mexican woman with the kindest heart but with what was called “the most hideous face ”.

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She was born in 1834 in a mountainous area in Mexico. Since her birth, she had a strange fast hair growth that covered all her body.

Nobody accepted her around thinking she was a monster of some sort, she ran away from home.

While in her journey as a lost soul, she met a man who worked in a circus and who offered her a job at the same circus. She became “the freak” that people would pay to watch!

Though it was a very hurtful thing to her, she had no other choice but to accept to at least ensure what to eat and where to sleep.

Because her show made her gain a big amount of money and fame. Her manager Theodore Lent decided to marry Her!

File:Zirkus Theodore Lent mit Julia Pastrana.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

It was one of the most famous marriages at that time that went viral in newspapers. How could a normal man marry a 135cm tall monster they asked.

Strange enough though, she gave birth to a normal baby. Unfortunately, she died together with the baby 48 hours later after giving birth.

Julia’s bad fortune did not end with her death. Her greedy of a husband decided to mummify her body so that people still could pay to watch the half-monkey half-human dead “monster”.

Here is her picture as a mummy.

Her body was stolen many times until found in a dustbin in Norway in 2005.

Finally, after 150 years, Julia got a decent funeral and was buried like a person!!

One wonders, is really Julia the “monster “ or is it her husband? Or the people who would pay money to watch her? Or her family? Or the world?!

Source:Kenza Al Alami

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