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Checkout The Most Terrifying Organic Species (Hammerhead Worm)

Personally, I find the hammerhead worm terrifying:

These guys are slimy, flat, and snake-sized. And if you think that picture was bad, you should see it in action:

They are also quite big — 10 inches or longer!

They are also quite big — 10 inches or longer!

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Worse, they are an invasive species. They are usually found in the tropics but have started causing problems in America and Europe. Their diet mainly consists of earthworms. To eat them, they wrap their bodies around a worm, binding it with mucus and strength. Next, they inject enzymes into the prey, liquefying and killing it. Lovely. Then, a hammerhead worm will suck out the contents of it.

That’s not it. They also eat with the same orifice that they defecate from. Additionally, their main way to reproduce is asexual, meaning that they cut themselves in half.

Life-long virgin.

Finally, in desperate measures, a hammerhead worm will resort to eating itself:

I’ll be giving this place 5 stars on Yelp.

You are advised to kill one on the spot if you see one. Just remember to sprinkle salt on it, as cutting it in half will make more!

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Source: Sienna Adea


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