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Creepiest Home Alone Experience

I wasn’t home alone at my house, I was at a friend’s house, but we were home alone together there (I have the distinct feeling that sentence didn’t make sense, but you get my gist).

These Are Some Of The Creepiest Things People Have Experienced When Alone &  It's Scary AF

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Anyway, my friend’s house was huge. Like seriously big. She had a mother in law’s apartment that was attached to the house. No joke. Anyway, my friend, let’s call her Tina, invited me over for a sleepover. Her mom and stepdad both worked at night, and her little step siblings were over at their dad’s house. So we were all alone in this huge house.

Of course, being two dumb seventh graders, we decided to watch horror movies and completely scare the crap out of ourselves. After watching The Shining and Psycho, we were both pretty scared, so we sat in her room and watched YouTube. Tina had left the curtains wide open and we could see down her lawn and into the woods. Her whole house is surrounded by woods (it’s about a half mile in) and that just made the fact we were home alone creepier.

We’d left the lights off, since we wanted to see out the windows in case a fictional serial killer showed up outside. So we had a clear view of the dark woods. After a while, we left off watching YouTube and just talked and looked out the window. That’s when the metaphorical shit hit the fan.

I noticed something moving in the darkness of the woods. So did Tina. We wrote it off as a wild animal at first, maybe a bear or something. There were plenty of bears in the area, so it was a perfectly reasonable guess. Than it started coming out of the woods until we could make out some more details. Now I’ve seen many, many bears, my area is full of them. Bears can do weird things, and they’ve scared me before.

But I know damn well no bear should walk on its hind legs like that. And I also know that humans are not eight feet tall. Whatever it was was vaguely humanoid, but it clearly wasn’t a person, and it certainly wasn’t a bear. Tina and I were shitting our pants now and just sitting silently on her bed, watching this thing.

It was on the lawn now, and I could see it pretty clearly. I have no words for what that thing was other than it wasn’t human. It was tall, at least eight feet (or seven, I was too scared to judge height well). It’s skin was sort of grey and it was bald.

Tina was crying now and we jumped off the bed and crouched on the floor next to the window. We could still look out, but if it came closer, it wouldn’t be able to see us. The thing did get closer, and I saw it’s face. It’s eyes were black and sunken, and it didn’t have a nose. It had well…..think Voldemort-esque slitted nostrils in its face. It’s teeth were pointed and looked more like an animal’s than a human’s. The creature sat there on the lawn before it suddenly turned and bounded off into the woods.

I was crying now too and we just sat there by the window, shaking. Eventually her parents came home and we told them about the creature, but they didn’t believe us. I don’t entirely believe my own eyes. I have no idea what that thing was or what it wanted, but I don’t think I want to find out. Could it have been a wendigo? Possibly. Either way, it was completely terrifying and completely bewildering.

Tina and I decided never to speak of what we saw to our friends. I never told my parents, although my mom might have believed me. It was just too confusing. I have been back to Tina’s house and she says she’s never seen that thing again. Neither have I. But she’s a lot more cautious in those woods now. Just in case it decides to come back.


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