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Cubana Chiefpriest confirms rift with His Boss Obi Cubana

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Nigerian Instagram personality, Cubana Chiefpriest,  on Thursday made a post on Instagram saying.

“A Child Is Meant To Grow To Be Greater Than The Father/Master, Why You Come Dey Vex ? #CelebrityBarMan✨ Nobody Can Do It Better Than Me Am Doing Destiny, Am Doing The Will Of God, I Have Served So Well N Learnt So Much, I Did So Well That History Will Never Forget, I Need My Freedom, I Have To Do My Own E No Suppose Cause Fight Nah, Well Is Still Love ❤️ Forever On This Side, May God Protect N Keep Us #GlenmorangieChiefPriest🥃.”


Cubana Chief Priest was said to kick off his own nightclub named De Angels Bar and Grill  in Owerri, where Cubana Group also runs a night club and it caused a rift between the duo which led to Obi Cubana unfollowing his former employee on Instagram.

Chiefpriest recently took to his Instagram live to confirm that things are indeed not well between him and his boss asking fans to pray for him because he just might sleep and never wake up.

Chiefpriest said that the devil came between their relationship and that it can never be mended and that it was his biggest heartbreak to see that Obi Cubana had unfollowed him on Instagram.



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