Dbanj Reveals How Long It Took Him To Record His First Album

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Dbanj who has a number of albums to his credit,has revealed how may days it took him to get his first album done.

‘No Long Thing’ was the album that thrust him into the spotlight.

The album which contained tracks like ‘Tongolo,’ ‘Mobolowon’ among others was well-received by fans that it provided him a seat at the top with the stars.

However, many would be shocked to know that the award-winning album which was produced by D’banj’s former partner, Don Jazzy, and was recorded in just two days!

D’banj revealed this himself during a recent interview with an international entertainment TV channel. In his words, “We did the album in two days together with Don Jazzy.”

Among other things, D’banj also disclosed that contrary to popular opinion, Kanye West didn’t sign him as an artiste.

He said, “Kanye didn’t sign me as an artiste. It was a joint venture type of arrangement because I still had my African fans, which was the only world I knew.”

He further stated that it was Don Jazzy who initiated their much publicised break-up.

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