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Discover Strong And Big Animals That Don’t Feed On Meat

Beluga Whale, extremely muscular with a layer of protective and insulative blubber. Diet: Carnivore aka, meat (fish, squid, worms, shrimp, yada, yada, yada)

Kangaroo, Australia’s current Covid-19 bouncer. If you sneak in illegally by boat, they put you in a ring with a Kangaroo. You’d have better luck petting a Koala. Diet: herbivore, aka plants.
The gorilla. Champion of the staring contest. Anyone who says otherwise will find out what strength is. Diet: mostly herbivorous, the gorilla is actually classified as an omnivore. They do eat insects, including ants to increase protein.
Dog… Originally a carnivore, we’ve shifted the diet of the dog successfully toward omnivore. They are NOT herbivores and the lack of meat protein will significantly harm a dog still.
Cattle… At least you know this answer literally contains Bull… and if you look to the side some Bull… nevermind. Diet: herbivore.
Lions, though any big cat will do… some small cats too. lean and muscular. How many watermelon stands did they knock over? none. Diet: carnivore.
Pig, and that one’s tiny. Anyone who thinks a pig is fat and lazy and not very dangerous is free to wander about in the pen of a farm with pigs unattended. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Diet: omnivore, though most folks think they are herbivores.
Grizzly bear, or otherwise known as the big fucking scary brown bear of North America. Not without reason mind you. Diet: omnivore and you are invited to supper too … well, pieces of you at least (you don’t taste good, but pieces of you do – maybe with some berries for garnish, yeah, that’s the ticket, sounding better already – call in the bear).
Horse. The classic beauty of muscular development. Diet: herbivore. World’s greatest lawnmower, if you have a large enough lawn. Produces fertilizer too. Talk about handy!
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