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Disputed!5 Worst Life Advice Often Given

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  1. Work hard and get a good job. These days if you go to school and get a great education but all you come out with is a great debt and a job at Burger King.
  2. You need something to fall back on. Don’t ever do that. When you fall.. Always fall forward.
  3. Good things come to those who wait. Never listen to that crap. You will probably get some breadcrumbs left by those who hustle.
  4. When one door closes another one opens. If one door closes and another one opens you are definitely in prison. No doubt.
  5. Success is about working hard. Not true. You only get paid what you bring to the marketplace. Working smart is the name of the game.

See these guys. They work hard no doubt. But will earn peanuts.

And then there’s this one.

She’s only 21. Her job. Posting a bunch of selfies. And she’s worth over $900 million. Now that’s value.

Don’t even argue with me about this one. Just go get yourself a selfie stick.

Whats your opinion?


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