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Do People Who Work Hard Really Succeed In Life ?(Read This Story)

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Elena Ledoux founder of MommyGo and Superb Maids shared a complete inspiring story about her life and how she made it to the top .

When I first immigrated to USA 19 years ago, I was desperately broke, had some health issues, a newborn, and every reason to despair.

I was on government assistance, ashamed of having bad teeth. My little Geo car kept breaking down and it had no heater or air conditioning. It smelled of old food and poverty. I was perpetually behind on rent, and I could not help my parents who needed help. This has got to be the worst part of all for me – to have a baby or a parent who needs you to take care of them, but having no capacity to do so. It just destroys a part of your soul in a way you never knew was possible…

I ended up getting into a law school and also working two jobs as a waitress (after a string of more demeaning jobs that failed). I ended up graduating at the top 10% of my class despite starting the school 9 months pregnant and not being fluent in English (yes, the entire faculty and administration tried to talk me out of proceeding).

I wasn’t smart enough to succeed based on my brilliance, but I sat in the front row, wrote down every word that came out of professors’ mouth and studied at night with a small dictionary. I also studied all the extra books and tapes in the law library.

I went on to clerk for two judges and complete every assignment ahead of time and going above and beyond either judge had ever seen in terms of effort from their clerks. Afterwards I practiced law in litigation for over a decade, lifting my family out of poverty, providing every material benefit of being at the top of the society in the richest country in the world.

At this level, I applied every effort to the point of being advised by co-workers to tone it down (at the risk of being taken for granted by the employer). I attended every seminar. I’ve read every professional development article. I reached out to gurus of the profession and asked their advice. I actually applied that advice. At some point I was asked to run an IT firm and I did everything there from learning HR and profit and loss statement to killing roaches and cleaning windows.

When my friend immigrated to USA, I could not find a job for her so we started a cleaning company[1] with a $1K investment. Three years later, it’s a very successful company with a team of 40 and millions in revenue. It is celebrated and I teach and mentor many aspiring entrepreneurs, especially female. The unglamorous part of this was that in the beginning I cleaned the homes myself – including scrubbing out moldy and crusted food that was forgotten in the garage fridge for 6 months (!), cleaning out hoarders’ and drug addicts’ homes, scrubbing toilets and doing things I would never ask for my employees to do now.

After that I decided to start a natural energy shots[2] brand, without knowing anything about the industry and not realizing what an uphill battle it will be.  we launched successfully on Amazon and immediately dominated our more senior competition. It’s still a work in progress and comes with daily struggles, but I am learning things as I go, collaborate with many other entrepreneurs, reading and listening every bit of information that I can.

What is the result of all of this hard work? I feel so happy and alive and I love my life right now.

I live in a beautiful home. With my loving family and my lovely cat. Speaking of the family, that came from a hard work too – learning how to communicate, how to resolve conflicts, how to be patient, and lots of studying and trying.

I have fantastic friends and a freedom to go anywhere in the world I want to and do whatever I want to. The other week my son’s best friend was going to the Disneyland and her mom thought it would be cute to surprise her with his visit. We were able to get over there and give both kids happy memories of a lifetime.

I have been in many most beautiful places in the world. From Greece, to Turkey, to Japan, to Italy, Mexico, Spain, Canada, Ireland, Germany, and many places in US.

The best part is, I was able to share the world with my kids.

I visit my beautiful friends all around the world and enjoy their company.

I contribute to making the world a better place – by helping the Healthy Sunrise Foundation that is ran by my dear friend Dina Patel. I feel good about myself as a person from doing this.

To this day, I work hard. I read, I listen, I meet with people. I learn. Not because I have to, but because I want to. And I am 100% confident that my hard work is what made me successful. I’ve been known to say that I’m on a quest to see how far a person of average abilities can go with just working her tail off.

Edit: I’m crying this morning because we just won SBA small business of the year.


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