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Do Whales Taste Like Land Mammals Or Fish?

I went on a business trip to Iceland for about a week. Among the local fare, they serve a species of whale. I don’t recall the name, but it is sustainably sourced.

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I was eager to try it, and I’m glad I did. One thing I didn’t quite appreciate until it was put in front of me is that a whale is a mammal. I just didn’t think about it; I was kind of expecting something like swordfish or shark, but what I was served more visually resembled beef:

My entree consisted of a few whale medallions cooked medium rare, with a brightly flavored sauce. (I don’t remember exactly, but maybe something like a sour cherry sauce?) The whole meal was great. The whale meat itself is hard to describe. The best I came up with was “sea beef.” It had the texture of a tender cut of beef, like a loin. It also had some beefy flavor, but at the same time also had an inherent saltiness or brininess of the sea.

If I truly had to answer the question “is eating a whale more like a land animal or a sea animal?” without being entitled to a paragraph of description, I’d say a land animal.

A weird one.



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