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Read What This Pregnant Lady Does Daily

A desperate mother’s struggle to save her daughter from a life of drugs is made even worse when she discovers she’s been funding her habit by sleeping with up to five men a day – even at eight months pregnant.

Niki’s mother Sharon has begged Dr. Phil for his help because she fears her daughter – who was once a promising “smart and motivated” student with everything going for her – will be dead by Christmas after overdosing as many as four times in the past.

In the second part of the talk show, Niki, 27, reveals how much heroin she and her fiance Jessey take a day, and how they pay for their deadly habit.

“You’re both homeless right now and you do 10 to 15 of these bags a day each?” Dr Phil asks.

“A bag is $20, so your habit is between $400 and $450 bucks a day and you have no jobs and no home. So how are you getting $450 a day?

A nervous Jessey, who didn’t do drugs before he met Niki and claims he only started doing them so he could make her feel bad in order to try and get her to stop, replies: “I have to do bad things to get the money… and Niki has to prostitute herself to get the money.”

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