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Effects Of Cultism On Education And How To Curb Them

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Cultism is any form of organization whose activities are kept away from the knowledge of others but such activities are carried out at odd hours of the day and they often clash with the values of everyday life.

The early cult group was founded in 1953 in university of Ibadan by some elite people. It was established with the aim of protecting the interest of students and fighting against injustice melted on them by lecturers and even the school authority.

However, in our schools today, the reason for establishing cults in schools have been totally changed.
Instead of protecting lives, they now endanger it, through robbery, rape, killing both members and innocent people in the process.

So many students involve themselves in cultism purposely because they fail to make the right choice of friends (keeping bad company).

–    A feeling of insecurity and fear, the desire to look and sound tough
–    Ignorance of what is involved in cult membership
–    Submission to demonic and satanic influences
–    Assurance of protection from peer-group intimidation on campus
–    Examination malpractices without being cautioned by examination invigilators for fear of group associated with the student.
–    Passing of examination by the lecturers for the cultist, for fear of retaliation from the cults
–    Involvement in sexual act with any girl of your choice on campus with relative ease
–    Accessibility to the most fashionable clothes in town
–    Assurance to assist, to secure political offices in students union government (SUG) or departmental level.

All these are some of the reasons why so many students involve in themselves in  cultist activities and the outcome is usually very bad.

Cultism endangers life, it disturbs the peace of school, members are not safe, it leads to expulsion of members, they are always afraid of being attacked by others.

In order to curb it, there should be a definite legislation that will give a good judgement to anybody found guilty of cult activities in the campuses.

–    Moral education should be made compulsory in primary, secondary and tertiary institution in the country
–    Cultism and its consequences should be treated in the general studies courses in all tertiary institutions in the country
–    Parents should take time to understand their children, given enough time to listen to them at home and satisfy their emotional, psychological and physical needs.
–    Parents should watch the companies their children keep in the institutions, take time to watch any misbehavior put up by their children and correct immediately.
–    Evangelism should be also be carried out in all tertiary institutions by all religious groups in the country to wage against cultism.

In conclusion, I urge all my fellow student to say no to cultism, as a good child from a good home and a product of good parentage, you should be able to know cultism has nothing to offer you than to hoodwink you into something detrimental to your aim of being in the university, your spiritual life and thereby bring pain and shame to your family.

As a fellow youth, I want to use this opportunity to talk to my readers, I want you to know the reason why you are in the university, understand the importance of your safety to your parents who sent you to school as this will not only bring you happiness but also pride for yourself and your parents

Always understand that the only security in this earth is God almighty for he alone is the author and finisher of all things. Put you trust in him for all things.

Even in your examinations and your dealings with your fellow students and I assure you he will never let you down. Always remember that your today determines your future.

Ikuejuwajo is currently a student of Mass Communication at Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo,Ondo State.


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