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Elon Musk Might Remain World Richest Man For A Very Long Time (See Reasons)

Recently Forbes Named Elon Musk the world richest man slightly above Jeff Bezos , this development has got many asking questions about how this came to be, at Rayoonline we have followed closely over the years, how the stock value of Tesla owned by Elon Musk was sowering and Spacex ,in this article you will learn about the Starlink and you will have a better idea who Elon Musk is.

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The idea of a constellation of satellites is not new by any means, think of previous examples like the Iridium network, or the most ubiquitous example, the worldwide navigation system GPS. There are a few big differences between these examples and the Starlink network, however.

Firstly, the orbital altitude of the satellites. GPS uses high altitude MEO satellites at a height of 20,180 km, although Iridium satellites are LEO.

Secondly there is the number of units in the constellation, Iridium has 82 and GPS uses 24.

Starlink in comparison already has 895 units in operation right now, and is aiming for a first stage constellation of 12,000 units!

(Bear in mind this is just the initial phase of 1,600 for the first stage of 12,000)

This brings us to the third difference and real clincher, the cost of launching the satellites. Every other player has to pay exorbitant fees for a launch provider to send their precious payloads into orbit, which tends to put a practical limit on the number that is economically feasible. Not only does SpaceX Owned by Elon Musk fabricate their own satellites for the cost of a suburban house, but they also happen to have their own launch vehicles that can launch 60 units at a time for a fraction of the cost of their competitors.

When you make the most of these huge advantages that SpaceX has over the competition, you have a system that can offer huge data handling capacity that no one else can get remotely close to.

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