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Facebook Love Is Real! Read Susan Israel’s Love Story

While some people have recounted how they have falling into wrong hands, lost their lives and properties, some others however, have truly beautiful and romantic love stories on Facebook.

Recall last week, that we posted the story of a man that reconnected with his primary school love and that they’re engaged. Well, here’s another Facebook love story that’s captivating.

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Read Susan Israel’s facebook love story here:
“It all started with “HEY” 2years ago on facebook and you know how some girls(me) are, we would reply yearsss later. well I replied like 12 days later and he said “I know your sis” in my mind I said “see this one famzing” cut long story short, I kept replying days after he sends a message. especially when I knew we were like over 6000miles apart until we clicked…we all know how it goes from there…. we kept in touch and fell inlove along the way. Saw him for the first time last year and upon our second meeting this year I said YES. to my best friend( the only best friend I have actually), my brother, my lover for life and my KNIGHT @cashmyles. so yeahhh I cut the long story short sha. I’m ENGAGED WHOOP! WHOOP!”


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See You Later People, I’m Off To Facebook, Need To Find My Own Love hehe

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