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Famous Geniuses Who Went Mad (Second Ramnujan Of India)

God of Mathematics.

Second Ramnujan of India.

Man who challenged Albert Einstein’s theory.

A painful photo of a great mathematician – A matriculation topper from Bihar Board in 1961, he went to University of California, Berkeley in 1963 to study Mathematics, got PhD in 1969, and joined NASA as an Associate Scientist Professor.

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A man who challenged Einstein’s theory of relativity [math]E[/math][math] = mc²[/math]

In 1972, he returned to India and joined as a Lecturer in IIT, Kanpur. During the next five years, he taught at IIT Kanpur, TIFR, Mumbai and ISI, Kolkata. In 1977, he showed symptom of Mental illness, Schizophrenia and after a decade of poor quality treatment at Kanke, in 1988 he left that place without informing anyone. In 1992, he was found in a poor condition in Siwan, Bihar.

His school students have rehabilitated him in Patna, with a professor like ambience, study table, board, library, books etc to make him feel easy and comfortable.

He is Vashishtha Narayan Singh the great scholar an Indian mathematician from Basantpur, Bihar, India. He was born on 2 April 1942 in Basantpur village of Bhojpur district in Bihar, India to Lal Bahadur Singh and Lahaso Devi. He received his primary and secondary education from Netarhat Residential School and college education from Patna Science College. Vashishtha Narayan Singh became a legend as a student when he was allowed by Patna University to appear in the two-year course of B.Sc. (Hons.) in Mathematics in its very first year. This achievement of his still mentioned with a sense of pride by Netarhat Vidyalaya. He received PhD on Reproducing Kernels and Operators with a Cyclic Vector from University of California, Berkeley, in 1969. His doctoral advisor was John L. Kelley.

In one of the research publications of 1959 listed below, he acknowledges the support of one Dr. R.P. Agarwal of Lucknow University. George E. Andrews, a renowned mathematician, in his research paper dated 1974 refers to Shri VN Singh’s works of 1957-1959.

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