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Food Have A Secret(Discover That Of Your Best Food)

1. The uglier an apple is, the better it is for human health. Paul, a biochemical expert and apple expert, used a polyphenol content test to tell us that different natural varieties of apple plants have different polyphenol content. In fact, the content of polyphenols is the most in the ugly thick-skinned apple.

2. The nutritional value of eggs is rich, and in addition can supplement human protein, but also lets you have a pair of bright eyes.

3. Beef is rich in niacin, which has been proved to reduce migraine pain to a great extent.

4. Avocado’s flesh contains Omega-9, which can help you fight a difficult smoking habit.

5. Broccoli contains a natural chemical indole-3-carbinol, which can reduce your risk of breast cancer!

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