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Football Legend Diego Maradona Clocks 60:

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Diego Maradona turns 60 on Friday. A living legend, a man whose every word and action is headline news.

Diego Maradona | Biography & Facts | Britannica

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One of the greatest footballers the world has ever seen,

he has also suffered countless setbacks and scandals over the years which have threatened to tarnish his legacy for good.


As Maradona himself stated, however, the ball cannot be tainted.

Whatever one thinks of his antics over the decades,

he remains a fascinating figure, thanks to his brilliance as a footballer but also,

perhaps, precisely because his many flaws remind us that he is all-too-human.


It is as one of the greatest players of all time that he will ultimately be remembered,

and if anything his legend seems to grow, not diminish, as the years and decades go by.




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