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From Beign Mistress To Housewife -Woman Tells Story On How It All Happened(Read)

A woman who used to be a Mistress to her husband goes into detail of how it all happened.Read Also: How I Used Porn To Spice Up My Marriage

She Wrote:

I am writing this  anonymously  because of the stigma surrounding this topic.

I was the mistress for a few short months. We have been together for 7 years and married for 5 of them. We have 2 children together and he with him came 2 beautiful little girls that are my step daughters. Things aren’t always easy. It’s not a fairy tail where everyone lives happily ever after. It’s like every other relationship, work.

My husband and I have a history. We met when we were teenagers and dated for 7 years. We split up, rather dramatically, and went out separate ways. He married, bought a house, and had kids. Everything he had wanted in life, he had. I couldn’t give him children, a specialist told us that when I was 21 after some surgery I had. That news was the beginning of the end for us. Anyway.

Fast forward 7 years after our splitting up. He had all of the things in life that he wanted so badly. Except, he wasn’t really happy. He hated the house, it was too big and not at all what he had wanted. He and his wife had nothing in common. They argued all the time, and he was pretty sure she was having an affair. He didn’t really care if she was. The only thing holding him there was his children. One day he walks into my place of work and runs into me. He had no idea I worked there, and no idea that I had moved back to the area. We chatted for a few minutes, caught up on each others lives, and went about our day. Here is where things went crazy.

When he arrived home, he told his wife that he had run into me and had stopped to talk to me. She lost her mind. She told a mutual friend that I was stalking him, called my work and lodged a customer complaint, she emailed my fiance telling him that her husband was having an affair with me and my fiance chose to leave rather than talk to me, she did all of this from him talking to me once. Every move she made after he told her he talked to me only pushed him into contacting me more. And it turned into a relationship, the very thing that she was accusing him of. I have my opinion on this, but that is for a different time.

He is now my husband. When things have gotten especially difficult I have asked him if it was worth it. If has any regrets about life he had and lost. He maintains that it was very much worth it and that he would go through it all over again to get where he is now. The only regret he has is marrying the wrong person in the first place, he knew she wasn’t the right one.

I hate the phrase “ She stole my husband” or “ He stole my wife”. People are not property. A person of the opposite sex does not come into your relationship without an invitation. They don’t sneak into your home and kidnapp your husband/wife. I realize people get hurt, but I think it’s also important for the person who has been hurt to take a moment to consider what their partner may or may not be telling the one they are cheating with.

My husband and I are happy. It hasn’t always been easy, we have had our issues of course. I don’t worry about him cheating. I don’t worry about him leaving. If it happens, I will deal with it at that time. For now, I love him every day like it’s the first day. And we live every day together like it’s the first day together.

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