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Fuel Tanker Crash Kills Two And Injures 70 On Italy Motorway

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At least two people have been killed and 70 injured after a huge fireball erupted when a lorry and a fuel tanker crashed on a motorway bridge in Bologna, Italy.

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The powerful blast destroyed part of the bridge and ripped the tanker in two before part of the burning wreckage crashed onto several cars below.

The blaze spread to several cars that are believed to belong to Peugeot and Citroen which also exploded, smashing out windows and sending debris flying.

The horrifying incident happened when a tanker containing highly flammable propane or butane smashed into a lorry carrying cars on a bridge.

The explosion could be seen for miles around as flames shot into the air and plumes of smoke took over the sky.

A video shot from a parked car at the moment of the explosion appeared to show someone being engulfed by flames when the tanker exploded.

At least 14 people were rushed to hospital with serious injuries following the incident just before 2pm local time (1pm BST) in north Italian region.

Several people were hurt by flying debris and scores of people were forced to flee their homes as firefighters battled to get the fire under control, reports Ansa.

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