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Gay Men Gang Rape 27-year-old in Park

A 27-year-old man, gang raped by two homosexual men has narrated his ordeal in the hands of the rapists.

The unnamed man who was sexually assaulted in broad day light was in great pain when he was found by a good Samaritan.

He said he had been pushed against a wall then forced to the floor where he was raped by the two men some between 9.35am and 11.40am.

The Samaritan later informed the police and called for an ambulance around 12:20 pm.

According to reports the incident occurred when the victim was walking through the Goffs Park in Crawley, Sussex around 10:00am.

Police who believes the victim knows the perpetrators are currently hunting for them and are calling on anyone who witnessed the incident to come forward with useful information.

Detective Sergeant Lex Witek said, “The victim wasn’t physically hurt but was in a distressed state. We believe this was not a stranger attack but carried out by people known to him.”


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