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Girl Who Had A Pedophile Dad Shares Her Story (Read)

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An anonymous user who was molested by her pedophile dad shared this story online,Read Also: ‘Mom Walked In On Me While Masturbating’ -Boy Exclaims( See what Happened Next)

she wrote:

My hands are shivering while typing this and my mind is saying No! No! No!

Its harsh truth for me to accept until now. I try to convince myself daily that it was some kind of illusion or something but not real.

Like other girls, I grew up like papa’s princess. My father was always my idol. We are middle class family so I always believed in hard working and making me parents’ proud in all fields.

But it was one day that changed my life completely. I was in my engineering then. We three were sitting in our room. Me, my mother and my father. I guess he was drunk. I was chit chatting with them and suddenly i noticed my father was rubbing his erected penis while looking at me. My mother could not notice it as she was facing me and her back was facing the father. I could not believe my eyes first. He was continuously staring at me and rubbing his penis. I got too shocked and was looking at my mom if she is noticing that too? but she was just talking to me unaware whats happening at her back. I wanted to tell her, to show her that look what papa is doing but i could not do so. I was not brave enough to ruin their relation or could not imagine what worse will happen if she finds out.

I don’t know if he remembers this?(as he was drunk). But yes that day beautiful relation of father-daughter died. I am working with MNC currently. I never talk to him on call. When i visit home, i never stay with him alone for a moment too.

He is the bestest father (when he is not drunk) any girl can get. He has done lot for his family. He is great soul but I do not know what caused him to do that.

While writing this, whole scene is in front of my eyes and again am thrown back to that one hell moments of my life.

Edit 1: Thanks all for your kind words. Few answers to some of the questions –

This was not the first incident. I mean kind of few incidents happened before ex. – touching me in bad way twice. But i have always thought that may be i took it in other way. All happened when he was drunk.

Also, i guess something happened with my elder sister too. She never told me openly and i never got the courage to discuss this with her. She always avoid his company since she was in 9th standard. I have noticed her unusual behavior and i am sure she has gone through something too (many incidents i observed).

To the one who said this is made up – Seriously!!! How can a daughter made up this that too for her father? I wish this incident never happened but as someone said in comments i am capable of handling this thats why me. 🙂

I cannot move on, can never move on. But again thanks all. I am feeling so relieved finally after 7 years. Thanks a ton!!


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