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Google’s New iPhone Keyboard Solves a Big Problem With Texting

Google is making it easier to share search results with others by embedding a search engine directly into your phone’s keyboard.
The company released a new keyboard app for the iPhone on Thursday called Gboard, which includes a button that lets you access Google search without leaving your text message or email thread.

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Tapping the Google button expands the keyboard to show a search field, with recent search queries displayed just below the search box. Pressing a search result will copy and paste text and a link into the message or email you’re currently writing. Buttons along the bottom of the screen allow you to switch between text, image, and GIF search results.

Gboard also puts a search bar into the emoji keyboard, eliminating the need to scroll through the entire library to find the correct symbol. Just type a phrase like “burrito” or “birthday” to find the emoji you need.

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The announcement comes after Microsoft recently debuted a new iPhone keyboard that includes a one-handed mode and can be customized with background images of the user’s choice.

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